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The eclipse has you thinking about home, family, and emotionality. Is it time to move—or to be grateful for where you are now?

The eclipse highlights your thinking, writing, and speaking skills. Mercury enters your international and educational sectors, sending you to the far corners of the academic and global worlds. Bon voyage!

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What keeps your heart safe, Cancer? The eclipse helps you find your beliefs on confidence, income, and places that make you feel safe. Mercury enters your intimacy sector on Thursday, allowing for sexy dialogue and meaningful mental chemistry over the next three weeks! Rise and roar, Leo!

Daily Horoscope: October 9th - October 11th

This eclipse shines for you. A powerful reset or change of heart inspires your courage and confidence to sparkle, so show the world—especially your romantic partners—what royalty looks like. Mercury enters your love zone, inspiring opposites-attract style chemistry, compromise, and date nights for weeks. Mercury enters your mental, emotional, and physical health zones on Thursday, inspiring you to get in tip-top shape on all personal-growth fronts.

You put the commune in community, Libra! No one facilitates friendship and group dynamics quite like you, and the eclipse is giving you the opportunity to grace us with your social skills and leadership.

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Mercury inspires new ways of thinking about confidence, creativity, and open-heartedness—lean into all three for magical results. Rise and shine, Scorpio! The eclipse supercharges your career zone to magnetize professional opportunities and success. Adieu, Centaur! The eclipse flies you to far corners of the world or educational spaces.

Mercury joins your communication sector on Thursday, giving you divine inspiration, eloquence, and sharp thinking throughout the adventure. Open up, Capricorn.

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The eclipse has you taking off your armor and letting go of perfectionism so partners can see your most authentic self. Don't push it away!

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And boy did that get the writers rolling in. Wells 3. War of the Worlds? You read it in Cosmo , serialised, first.

Your Horoscope for the Week of January 8

If you click on a teaser to a vintage pdf, this is what you get:. There is no inkling of the postpartum depression that she candidly exposed not two months later in March in Glamour magazine. Her teeth are stunning. Her skin flawless. Her tits all there.

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I enjoyed talking. Thank you. It is the truest sentence I know.