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September is a month long whirlwind of astrological activity for readers of every sign, and especially so for those with Virgo, Gemini, Libra, and Taurus sun or rising signs.

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The latter part of the month brings greater challenges, so take advantage of the potential the first half of September holds. Planets in such close proximity to the sun as Venus, Mars and Mercury are for the next couple of weeks express themselves differently than normal. We are more likely to feel the influence of combust planets on an energetic level rather than through their influence on the physical world. Unexpected news could arrive as the month opens, when Mercury and Uranus exchange greetings September 1 st. Early in the month there are two notable days when the sun meets up with Mars and Mercury in its own sign of Leo.

While this astrological proximity to the sun can overpower the more tangible effects of the planets in conjunction, within 17 minutes of the sun the conjunct planet briefly takes on greater power. Mercury moves into his home sign of Virgo September 11 th , turning the subject to daily life, routines, and schedules. Solutions which arrive with the September 14 th full moon are likely to be quite ingenious or inventive. Collectively we are impulsive and unpredictable.


Communication comes more easily in partnerships, facilitating cooperation and supporting joint efforts. At mid month the Sun enters Virgo at the same time Saturn stations direct September 18 th , ending a roughly five month long retrograde in sidereal Sagittarius. Practical considerations come into focus and we can begin to make faster progress towards our highest aspirations. Mars moves into Virgo September 26 th , bringing a surge of energy and activity to our Virgo house just in time for the new moon there. Expect to be busy with the details of daily life while Mars is here, until early November.

We may prefer to stick with the tried and true, taking comfort in the familiar, the traditional, even old-fashioned near this date, even at the risk of not making as much progress as we might with a more unconventional approach.

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This new moon holds a great deal of potential if we are willing to take practical, concrete steps toward manifesting the fruits of our labors. Phaedra Mitchell is a western sidereal astrologer with more than 20 years of experience working with spiritually conscious individuals to recognize their soul purpose, reveal karmic life lessons, and discover where they can be of joyful service in the world.

Something surprising could come out of it, and you may find you learn a valuable lesson about your own unconscious beliefs. A new work related project begun with the late September new moon has the potential to impact many areas of your life in a positive way.

December 22 to January 20

A career matter may come to a head at mid month, leaving you scrambling behind the scenes with the unexpected fallout. The mid September full moon lights up your international sector, dear Gemini, suggesting dealings with foreigners, or long distance travel, and even publishing or broadcasting ventures on your agenda.

Are you an online professional? Enhance your web presence with this full moon and then watch for surprises while you network. Or, you may be involved with one or both parents. An opportunity may come out of the blue, or you may find yourself in the aftermath of an unexpected reversal of fortune in your professional life. Or, you could see a travel opportunity come your way or be called on to help a sibling, extended family member, or neighbor.

A partnership matter may be coming to a head near the full moon in Aquarius at mid month.

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An unexpected or last minute travel or PR opportunity could result. If you need to take on a new expense, plan for how you can budget that in over time without disrupting your finances greatly.

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  • Or, an employee or a pet could be affected. You birthday new moon arrives in late September, dear Virgo, a once-a-year opportunity to take the first steps towards anything you want. How will you use your birthday new moon this year? Whatever you begin holds the potential to impact many areas of your life in a positive way. Then, at the late September new moon take time out to begin a new personal project--something just for you--that you can enjoy privately. You could even begin a new spiritual practice or daily meditation.

    A home or property related matter may need your attention near the full moon September 14 th , or you may be involved with one or both of your parents near that time, with unexpected consequences to your work schedule or daily routine. The choice is up to you -- do you want to keep things cool, or are you interested in extra spicy? You can maximize the opportunities that present themselves.

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