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As it is easy to understand that a defect is a negative word, the logically necessary condition for any defect or Dosh to form in a horoscope should be that the planet involved in the formation of such defect should be malefic in that horoscope. Can you imagine a positive planet forming a defect? Hence if Mars placed in any one of these six houses is working positively in a horoscope, the possibility of formation of Manglik Dosh is ruled out and in fact, such positive Mars may form many types of good yogas in such horoscope, including Manglik Yog.

Therefore, the first additional and compulsory condition for Manglik Dosh to form in a horoscope is that Mars should be working negatively in that horoscope, apart from being placed in one of the specific six houses already mentioned. It is the time to introduce this term called Manglik Yog.

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If Mars is placed in any one of the houses 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 or 12 in a horoscope and it is positive in nature, Manglik Yog may form in the horoscope. The formation of Manglik Yog in a horoscope can bless the native under its impact with very good results related to marriage, profession, health and many other spheres of his life, depending on the house of placement of such positive Mars, its sign of placement, its strength, its interaction with other positive or negative planets in his horoscope; and depending on some other important factors. In simple words, Manglik Yog is quite the opposite of Manglik Dosh and though both of them can significantly impact the marriage of a native under their influence, the former can bless him with very good results whereas the latter can trouble him with serious problems related to his marriage.

Coming back to the formation of Manglik Dosh, the first additional condition for this Dosh to form in a horoscope is that Mars should work negatively in the horoscope under consideration.

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This is the time to introduce the second additional condition for the formation of this Dosh and this condition is called level of activity of a planet. The readers should come across this fact now, that all planets among navagraha possess three essential characteristics among many other ones. These three characteristics are their physical strength, their working nature and their level of activity in a horoscope. For example, the presence of Mars in the first house of a horoscope in the sign of Aries tells us that Mars is physically strong in that horoscope.

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This is because Mars is placed in its own sign and it is placed in the first house; and both these factors give it additional strength. Hence Mars is strong in this horoscope; and the first essential characteristic has been established. Moving on, the entire horoscope is then analyzed carefully and it is observed whether such strong Mars is working positively or negatively in the horoscope under consideration.

Vedic astrology lays many guidelines for deciding the working nature of a planet in a horoscope, and a good astrologer should use these guidelines to calculate the working nature of every planet in a horoscope. It means that Mars is strong and it is negative in the horoscope. Hence two essential characteristics have been established.

Since malefic Mars is placed in the first house of this horoscope, it can now result in the formation of Manglik Dosh; if the third and the final condition called level of activity is met in this horoscope. Just as a planet has physical strength and it has positive or negative nature like we humans do; it also possesses another essential quality called level of activity, once again like us. Level of activity is the characteristics of planets as well as of humans, that tells us how active or passive a planet or human is.

For example, a person can be physically strong and he may be bad in nature. However, he may not be very active and in fact he may be passive or lazy. Similarly, if a planet is lazy or passive in a horoscope, it may not do much good or bad to the native as it is not willing to do much work.

Hence such planet whether positive or negative, strong or weak is not worth much in a horoscope, just like a lazy person is not worth much. Here again, Vedic astrology lays guidelines to decide the level of activity of a planet in a horoscope and these guidelines should be used properly, to decide the level of activity of Mars in a horoscope under consideration for the analysis of Manglik Dosh. Just like humans, planets can have their level of activity ranging from 0 to percent, though the figures closer to 0 or are very hard to find in actual practice.

As the percentage level of activity of Mars keeps increasing in this horoscope, the strength of such Manglik Dosh also keeps increasing, resulting in more and more damage to the native, in the areas it affects. However, if Mars has a percentage level of activity less than 30, Manglik Dosh is not formed in the horoscope under consideration as Mars is not active enough in this horoscope to cause significant problems, though it may be strong and negative.

Reaching to the conclusion for the formation of Manglik Dosh in a horoscope, three essential conditions should be met in a horoscope, in order for this defect to form in such horoscope. Looking at these conditions, Mars should be placed in any one of the houses numbered 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 or 12 in a horoscope, it should be negative in the horoscope and it should have a percentage level of activity more than If all these conditions are met in a horoscope, only then Manglik Dosh is formed in such horoscope.

On the other hand, if any one of these three essential conditions is not met in a horoscope, Manglik Dosh is not formed in the horoscope. Knowing how Manglik Dosh forms in a horoscope certainly helps, but this is not the end of the discussion and there is much more to it.

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Even if Manglik Dosh is formed in a horoscope, there is much more to do, before reaching any conclusions about the type of damage as well as the quantum of damage it can afflict on the native. Vedic astrology is full of combinations and accordingly, it includes high probability for different types and different quantum of things happening to different natives, even though they may seem to be under the impact of a similar looking defect or a good Yog.

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The next step is to assess the areas of the life of the native under consideration, which can be affected by such Manglik Dosh. It should be noted that though all six types of Manglik Doshas can cause problems related to the marriage of the natives affected by them, these problems may be different in nature as well as in quantum. In addition to causing problems in the marriages of the natives under their impact, different types of Manglik Doshas can also affect many other spheres of the lives of such natives, like their professions, health and lifespan.

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Hence the area of impact of Manglik Dosh should be calculated, after this defect is found present in a horoscope. For example, if Manglik Dosh is formed due to the presence of Mars in the first house of a horoscope, the focus of the damage caused by it may be more on the profession and health of the native; and less on the marriage of the native. Mono Types — vata, pitta and kapha predominant Dual Types According to the rules of Astrology, Jupiter is weak by its placement in.

In a horoscope, Planets Mars rules the courage and confidence. This dosha may cause hurdles, breaks, disputes and even divorce in the martial life of the. Now, among the three doshas, allergies is a pitta dosha. Jupiter rules "Kapha" and the Sun "Pitta' the three humors of Ayurveda. When Mangal-dosh exists in the horoscope, ancient scriptures of Astrology advise to Though there are 24 exceptions for the above rule about Mangal- dosh, very few astrologers know adequately about those exceptions.

Not exact type. PDF In the Vedic Hindu system of Astrology, known in Sanskrit as Jyotish, the 27 birth, Jyotish offers a most powerful predictive technique compared to other forms of astrology. If Nadi dosh exists in one's horoscope, it is not a good sign and Basically, in Vedic astrology, there are main three types of nadis, which are. Doshas Cancellation — As per Vedic or Hindu astrology horoscopes of the boy and girl before marriage are matched for knowing the compatibility between them.

A person born under the influence of Mars Mangala as per Hindu astrology This mock marriage custom has different names depending on the "groom" used in the ceremony; for. Balarishta in Hindu astrology is one of the three basic Arishtas that can cause early death. The three kinds of Arishta that can strike a person at a very young age are — a Balarishta or death before eight infliction is severe and there are no other yogas indicating a longer term of life counter — acting Balarishta Dosha.

Jyotish, or Vedic astrology, offers a daily color theory for pacifying the planets that can be a helpful tool Resources by Type If you tend to have a preponderance of pitta fire dosha in your constitution, a necklace made of red coral can help soothe it.