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Based on the experience of thousands of years astrology determines that the stars in the sky moves parallel to what is happening in the world below. The idea here is embodied in one universe and that since there is constant interaction between what goes up and life on earth. In ancient times believed that the astrologer will know to predict the future of man, the future of nations and countries according to the course of the stars in the sky. The sun, Moon and planets are the building blocks of astrology. Each one represents a psychological prototype, for example Mercury represents communication planet and Venus symbolizes beauty and love.

Your South Node and your PAST LIFE & LIFE PURPOSE (kabbalistic astrology secrets)

Zodiac is an imaginary circle of degrees divided to 12 sections and indicates the way in which the principles expressed symbolized by 12 heavenly bodies. The source of the names of constellations is due imagination of a particular constellation and the creature whose name it bears. The only bookmark on astrology you'll ever need.

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    Popular reports. Astral-Gem prescription. The Jacob's Wheel astrology system is unique and innovative, and this software is a valuable tool for practicing astrologers because it offers a new comprehensive method of chart analysis based on the Jacob's Wheel system of tracking archetypal cycles and phases. For astrological novices, this software includes some basic interpretations of the Jacob's Wheel cycles and phases.

    The Sefirot: Kabbalistic Archetypes of Mind and Creation by Sanford L. Drob

    During a consultation all the cycle and phase archetypes are referred back to the client's astrological birth-chart and interpreted in light of their placement in the client's chart. Download Folder 2. It displays your one-week cycles and eight-hour phases, and is incredibly simple to use.

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    4. It automatically builds a database of saved profiles as you enter each new person's birth-data. It is a freeware program that can be downloaded from the following folder