Capricorn daily horoscope november 4

A frustrating block may arrive in your conversations, but teamwork can solve many problems today. Talking things out is a wonderful way to work through today's energy.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope for November 4, 2017

Your focus turns to relationships today as the moon enters your opposite sign, Libra. While some obstacles will come up for you to work through, an open, communicative energy will keep things moving.


Though you'll meet some frustrations around getting your chores done today, some breakthroughs will arrive. The moon enters fellow air sign Libra today, putting you in a romantic and creatively inspired mood!

A full moon arrived early this morning.

Complicated emotions come up for you to contend with, but an easy flow around communication will arrive today, too. The moon enters Libra today, bringing your focus to home and family.

The moon enters intellectual air sign Libra today, lighting up the sector of your chart that rules your mind and putting you in a curious mood. Facebook Twitter. Share this:.

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Capricorn Horoscope: November 2017

You are happiest when you have loads of work to do and when you are investing your hard earned money in profitable ventures. But today, you may be feeling a little low as things may not be moving according to your plan. The Moon in Aquarius, may make some Capricorns pensive as some project may have come to a standstill.

Others may be introspecting about tasks that may have gone wrong or are not yielding the required result. Sometimes one needs a little leverage Capricorn, to make the cogs of a machinery move smoothly. Maybe someone can help you by giving a suggestion that may not have struck you. The time from 8 am to 10 am will be lucky for you.