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Chinese Horoscope Resources Lovesigns. Net: Palm Reading. All Activity Search Sitemap. Wed, Oct 09 Lunar Date: 9 mth, 11 day. Rat Bad. Ox Good. Tiger Bad.

Sagittarius Lucky Days

Rabbit Average. Dragon Average. Snake Average. Horse Average. Ram Good. Monkey Average. Rooster Bad. Dog Good. Pig Good. Year: Compatible Year For. Rabbit, Ram. Favourable Year For. Incompatible Year For. Snake, Monkey. Unfavourable Year For. Month: Oct. Compatible Month For. Tiger, Rabbit, Horse. Favourable Month For.

Incompatible Month For. Dragon, Ram, Rooster. Unfavourable Month For. Day: Compatible Day For. Ram, Dog, Dragon, Pig.

Sagittarius September 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

Favourable Day For. Incompatible Day For. Rooster, Rat, Tiger. Unfavourable Day For. Hour: PM.

Monthly Horoscope

Compatible Hour For. Favourable Hour For. Incompatible Hour For. Unfavourable Hour For. Weak Metal Rat Good. Weak Rat Worst. Weak Wood Rat Worst. Weak Fire Rat Bad. Weak Earth Rat Avg. Strong Metal Rat Worst. Strong Water Rat Avg. Strong Wood Rat Good. Strong Fire Rat Avg.

Your Monthly Horoscope

Strong Earth Rat Bad. Weak Metal Ox Best. Weak Ox Bad. Weak Wood Ox Bad. Weak Fire Ox Avg.

Weak Earth Ox Good. Strong Metal Ox Bad. Strong Water Ox Good. Strong Wood Ox Best. Strong Fire Ox Good. Strong Earth Ox Avg. Weak Metal Tiger Good. Weak Tiger Worst. Weak Wood Tiger Worst. Weak Fire Tiger Bad. Weak Earth Tiger Avg. Strong Metal Tiger Worst. Strong Water Tiger Avg. Strong Wood Tiger Good. Strong Fire Tiger Avg. Strong Earth Tiger Bad. Weak Metal Rabbit Best. Weak Rabbit Worst. Weak Wood Rabbit Worst. Weak Fire Rabbit Bad. Weak Earth Rabbit Good. Strong Metal Rabbit Worst.

Strong Water Rabbit Good. Strong Wood Rabbit Best.

By Kelli Fox

Strong Fire Rabbit Good. Strong Earth Rabbit Bad. Weak Metal Dragon Best. Weak Dragon Worst. Weak Wood Dragon Worst. Weak Fire Dragon Bad. Weak Earth Dragon Good. Strong Metal Dragon Worst. Strong Water Dragon Good. Strong Wood Dragon Best. Strong Fire Dragon Good. Strong Earth Dragon Bad. Weak Metal Snake Best. Weak Snake Worst. Weak Wood Snake Worst. Weak Fire Snake Bad. Weak Earth Snake Good. Strong Metal Snake Worst. Strong Water Snake Good. Strong Wood Snake Best. Transiting midpoints are also included. Our exclusive Good Days Calendars for each sign Sun sign or Ascendant sign reveal favorable days for presenting your case, money, attraction, and more.

Opportunity days, stressful days, Super Love days…this visual guide gives you a good sense of when to push ahead fearlessly or to slow down. Cafe Astrology exclusive feature, If Today is Your Birthday , offers a birthday horoscope for the year ahead based on your birthday.

Horoscope for Wednesday, October 9, 12222

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