January 17 solar eclipse horoscope

At the end of this week, there is going to be a big day, astrologically: a full moon and a lunar eclipse, both of which are associated with sudden endings and beginnings.

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The waxing quarter moon perfects early in the morning, at a. Eastern, marking the halfway point between the recent solar eclipse in Capricorn and the upcoming total lunar blood moon eclipse in Leo. This quarter moon moment provides a critical check-in point. Eclipse season, the time of the year when the new and full moon are much more potent than usual, often acts like a broom—sweeping away what no longer serves you.

While it can feel jarring—I know, I know—embracing this extremely to-the-point and productive energy proves fruitful. Sleep with a pen and paper beside your bed, and grab it first thing in the a. The waxing moon moves through its exaltation in Taurus. With the moon in this Venus-ruled earth sign—making a positive and productive trine to Saturn, Mercury, Pluto and the sun—today offers the potential to get a lot done.

At the same time, you might also feel slow, heavy, tired, and deeply craving chocolate, too. Today offers the potential to get a lot done. With the new year barely two weeks old, and so much emphasis on putting your best foot forward, I know one moment you might feel totally on fire about your goals to reduce sugar and stick to clean eating, and then out of nowhere your body flips the script with irrational, non-sequential, must-have-chocolate-now or fill in the blank with a craving du jour biological demand.

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So be forewarned: Cravings might feel strong today. Think proactively about how will you manage them in advance. Today is a day to carry healthy snacks in your bag. Today the sun at 26 degrees of Capricorn conjoins the south node of karma, which also travels at 26 degrees of Capricorn. Given that sun conjoins the south node, the push-back to old habits has serious momentum. Today might feel like trying to walk forward against gale force winds blowing in the opposite direction. So, what to do? Rather than force yourself to battle the winds blowing against you, acknowledge the different directions you feel pulled, and take a break.

The grist for the mill today comes from being able to release that which you no longer need without forcing anything. Going slow is okay.

Partial Solar eclipse 12222: Here is how it will affect you, according to your zodiac sign

While the sun has moved one degree of the south node, it continues to square Uranus, the planet of change. Revolutionary Uranus asks you to embrace your freedom. The next seven weeks are the final weeks of change-making Uranus in get-it-started-Aries for 84 years. Warning: Today is not the day to push yourself hard in a kickboxing class, or over exert yourself in any way while working out. Astrologically speaking, today beckons respect.

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  • Hold on tight. Today might feel like a wild ride. Warning: Do not let the emotional intensity of the day push you to binge drink tonight. Second eclipse this season: 21 January — Total Lunar Eclipse.

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