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Three of this year's five eclipses occur in Capricorn, reminding you to work smarter, not harder. January 5, July 16, and December 25 will be great days for setting boundaries at work. Ditch that blue-light-shining eye trap and get out into the world! You could find a great match through your social circle. Someone well beyond the bounds of your "type" may catch your eye.

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Mark January 22 in your calendar when Venus and Jupiter conjoin in Sagittarius. Let love surprise you! Partnered Leos will find their mates showering them with attention. Celebrate this banner year of joy and pleasure with demonstrations of your love. On October 8th, Venus will enter Scorpio.

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In astrology, the planet Venus rules love and prosperity, while the sign Scorpio is associated with passion, poss. We all know about the havoc wreaked by Mercury retrograde, but what about Pluto? You are often the life of a party! You have a great sense of humor and charisma in your personality.

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You like to entertain people and there is a lot of drama in how you do it. You are quite an actor Leo.

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In fact, drama is almost a basic ingredient in everything you do. You are a very popular person in your social circle. What are Leo Moon Sign traits? It gives you confidence to approach life upfront. You are a very generous being.

You are also a fixed sign, so there is some stubbornness in your nature. There is a fixity and permanence in your dealings. When you love, you put your heart and soul into it. People can count upon you for anything.

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Ruled by Sun, it gives you a need to have control in life, like lion who is the king of the jungle. You have a tendency to dominate your loved ones but you are a softhearted and transparent person in your inside. The inspiration comes from his or her own personal story. It's hard to Leo Moons to feign excitement, so it's important for them to follow their heart.

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Leo is a fixed sign, and this Moon craves stability in a committed, honorable relationship. Leo Moons can hold on to resentment, like other fixed signs , and will shun those who have shown disrespect. Those with Moon in Leo are emotionally expressive — some might call them drama queens or kings. But if left unchecked, this natural desire to be center stage could lead to a melodramatic personality that drains others.

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Your theatrics can seem over the top. They themselves thrive when living at that edge of creation, trusting in the value of what they have to share with the world. Their true gift is being able to inspire others with a power that can revive a lost dream or heal a broken heart. In love, a foundation of pride keeps the Moon in Leo from showing too much vulnerability.

But under that bravado or cheery exterior is a childlike trust and a very tender heart.